30+ Thanksgiving Food That Starts With S

Thanksgiving Food That Starts With S

Several Thanksgiving foods start with S — the most common ones are stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and salad. 

Thanksgiving brings together friends and family after a long time. Therefore, trying something that tastes excellent and unique this year, especially during special occasions, would be best.

In this article, I’ll discuss the various dishes, starting with the letter S, that will impress your guests for days and as super easy to make without using the most expensive spices.

Best Thanksgiving Food That Starts With S

The list of the best Thanksgiving foods that start with letters is endless. Here are several varieties you can choose from: 

  • Sweet potatoes: You can enjoy mashed potatoes in several ways or try out sweet potato pie. You could roast them, mash or have them in a green bean casserole. They are a famous dish in various homes on a special occasion and taste delicious.
  • Squash: If you are a veggie fan, this is for you, as it can be a healthy addition. You can prepare it in several ways, e.g., by frying or complementing it with other dishes — feel free to test other ingredients.
  • Stuffing: There is no thanksgiving without stuffing! This sweet potato pie is made of a combination of bread, celery, onions, and seasonings. Some people prefer to add dried fruit or nuts to optimize the taste and satisfy their taste buds — resulting in an incredibly flavorful meal that should taste amazing.
  • Salad: A combination of veggies makes the perfect light salad. It’s the best way to begin your feast before the other dishes. 
  • Sauce: Gravy and cranberry sauce are one of the best slightly sweet Thanksgiving classics you should never miss. 
  • Soup: A warm bowl of soup is just the best way to open your thanksgiving party

What Foods Are Served At Thanksgiving?

Here is the perfect guide to foods that are served on Thanksgiving.

Everyone knows turkey is for Thanksgiving, with a good reason behind it; aside from its large size – perfect for a family, and sweet flavor, it’s a delicacy flooded with proteins, vitamin c, and other valuable nutrients — an excellent addition.

Most people prefer to accompany turkey with cranberry sauce (or dipping them into olive oil), adding a tangy and tart flavor to the delicacy — feel free to have a turkey sandwich. However, you can also add soy sauce to bring the salty and umami flavors together.

Thanksgiving Food That Starts With Letter S

Mashed potatoes are another thanksgiving classic. The creamy, comforting texture goes well with turkey and gravy — you cannot separate the two. 

Sweet potatoes are prepared in several ways — you can mash them, roast or make them into a delicious sweet potato casserole. Either way, make a great dish.

Your thanksgiving table should always have vegetables (which you can simmer in some olive oil) as well. Pumpkin pie, corn, and green bean casserole are among the most popular thanksgiving foods.

Pumpkin pie is essential in any thanksgiving dinner, but you can still substitute it with apple pie, ice cream, or pecan pie.

What Starts With ‘B’ For Thanksgiving?

The following are some thanksgiving foods that start with the letter B 

  • Baked sweet potatoes: You can prepare them mashed or roasted; however, most people bake them with marshmallows.
  • Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts can be made in two different ways. You can roast them or saute them to make the perfect dish. 
  • Baked beans: Baked beans often go well when cooked with maple syrup or molasses- they are perfect as a thanksgiving side dish.
  • Butternut squash: Butternut is easily confused with pumpkin but differs in shape and size. You can choose to roast butternut, puree it, or make it as soup.
  • Baked macaroni and cheese: The best part of this comfort dish is that it blends well with different types of cheese (Swiss cheese, for example), bringing out a spectacular taste.
  • Buttered carrots: Carrots can be boiled, roasted, or enjoyed with a butter slide.
  • Bread stuffing: Bread stuffing never lacks in thanksgiving dinners. It’s often made with onions, celery, and herbs.
  • Broccoli and cheese casserole: Only a few people enjoy veggies, especially on thanksgiving-broccoli and cheese is the perfect way to trick people into taking veggies.
  • Biscuits: Most people prefer to make biscuits from scratch- it’s usually a great way to bond, especially with children. However, you can still make them from a mix and have perfect biscuits for your Thanksgiving table.
  • Burrito casserole: This delicacy is best-suitable for a thanksgiving dinner with many family members. You can make it with roast chicken or turkey- the outcome is great with either choice.
  • Butternut squash soup: This squash soup goes well with butternut and is best served as a side dish or a start-up — feel free to try out Spaghetti squash too.
  • Barley soup: Just like every other soup, barley soup is best served as a starter or as a side dish

What Were 3 Foods Eaten At The First Thanksgiving?

In the first-ever Thanksgiving, the first foods to be prepared were: turkey, corn, and sweet potato casserole — they are still the go-to dishes (even for a main course) in most households for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie is also a perfect dessert for most people on Thanksgiving.

What Are 4 Commonly Consumed Foods At Thanksgiving Other Than Turkey?

Turkey is the most common thanksgiving dish. However, corn, mashed potatoes, and brussels sprouts are also thanksgiving majors. They are the foundation of Thanksgiving, bringing light to the table and getting the natural sweetness you’ve always wanted. 

What Is a Thanksgiving Word That Starts With Z?

Zucchini is the common thanksgiving word that begins with Z. it is a unique kind of squash mostly used to prepare Thanksgiving foods. Most people prefer to bake it into pies, but it can still be roasted or grilled. It is quite adaptable and can be used to prepare several dishes.

What Is British Thanksgiving Called?

The British refer to Thanksgiving as the Harvest festival. It’s celebrated in September, and it’s when Britain gives thanks for the food harvested. 

Harvest was first celebrated in 1577 to honor the triumphant Harvest of Sir Francis Drake. Since then, it has become a regular celebration throughout the UK. It has yet to be known compared to Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Foods That Starts With S

Like Thanksgiving, Harvest is also celebrated as a shared meal among friends and family. The most common foods are pies, vegetables, and roasted meat.

Other people also walk in the countryside, enjoying the fresh breeze as they admire the autumn leaves, to honor Harvest.

What Are The Five Thanksgiving Words?

The five thanksgiving words include:

  • Turkey trot: These are famous thanksgiving walks or runs.
  • Cornucopia: a horn-shaped basket mainly used to carry seasonal fruits, like star fruit, dried cranberries, a thin slice of apple pie, or vegetables. 
  • Food coma: It is a state of extreme fatigue caused by possible overfeeding.
  • Tofurkey: This happens after Thanksgiving when retailers give special discounts or special sales in respect of Thanksgiving.

Tofurkey: It is a popular kind of turkey among vegans and vegetarians, made out of tofu and soybeans

What Did The Pilgrims Eat?

The pilgrims were a group of believers who arrived in the USA in the early 1600s. They were famous for their simplicity, belief in self-sufficiency, and also for their queer food.

 Some of these foods included:

  • Nuts: include chestnuts, walnuts, and acorns
  • Dairy: comprises soy milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese, among others
  • Grains: some of the grains are wheat, barley, and oats
  • Fruit: includes berries, pears, apples, and grapes
  • Shellfish: this is crab, lobster, and the like.
  • Vegetables: comprises squash, carrots, peas, onions, beans, and turnips
  • Venison: another name for deer meat.
  • Fowl: typically a duck, goose, or wild turkey.
  • Fish: they cooked every kind of fish, but mainly bass, haddock, and cod
  • Maple syrup: extracted from the sap in maple trees and used to sweeten food.

What Did The Pilgrims Eat For Dessert?

The desserts they ate included pies, cakes, and puddings. The desserts were mostly topped with cherries, berries, and apples. 

In most cases, their pudding had molasses and various spices, such as ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg, to add a sweet, nutty flavor. Their preferred flavor of cakes was orange flavored or lemon juice flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods did the Pilgrims not eat on Thanksgiving?

They did not have candied yams for Thanksgiving because of their unavailability then. Other types of vegetables that they should have eaten were lima beans, green beans, and peas. The pilgrim’s menu did not include some fruits like lemons, grapes, and oranges. 

What is the most popular alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving?

Most native Americans alternate Turkey with Ham, seafood, and roast beef. However, it is better to have turkey for Thanksgiving, as it’s the most popular meal.

What is the most popular vegetarian alternative to turkey?

Most vegans prefer to have Tofurky, made out of soy, wheat, and tofu, instead of turkey on Thanksgiving. It is equally rich in protein and fiber but with minimal amounts of cholesterol as compared to turkey.

What do plant-based People eat for Thanksgiving?

Everyone has their preference. Some people create unique foods using whole grains and seasonal produce, while others prefer replicating traditional thanksgiving foods with vegetable options.

Thanksgiving foods with letter S

Others still eat at restaurants with plant-based foods on their menu. 

People choose plant-based meals for various reasons; Some for health benefits, others for personal restrictions. Their menu often includes legumes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other plant-based foods. However, others still include eggs and dairy but avoid all meat.

What do Indians eat for Thanksgiving?

India is among the richest and most diverse countries worldwide in culinary. You will mostly see these different kinds of foods during Thanksgiving.

Here is a list of some of the foods:

  • Rice: Rice is the staple food in India, thus a must-have on a Thanksgiving table. Curries mainly accompany it, among other foods. 
  • Bread: Bread comes in different forms in India. It comes as naan, chapati, and roti. It is a stale food, also consumed during Thanksgiving.
  • Tandoori turkey: This is usually roasted turkey that is marinated with yogurt and spices.
  • Rice pilaf with almonds and raisins is a delicious recipe. The rice is cooked in broth, mixed with spices, almonds, and raisins, then stir-fried.
  • Sweet and sour tomato chutney: This is a mix of sugar, vinegar, and spices, often used as a condiment for a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich — a delicious recipe you could enjoy.
  • Mashed potatoes with peas and carrots: This side dish combines mashed potatoes, peas, spices, and carrots.

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