Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinners for Family

easy healthy weeknight dinners for family

Everyone wants to know the best and easy healthy weeknight dinners for family. 

Dedicated foodies and aspiring wellness professionals alike know that one of the essential parts of leading a healthy lifestyle is creating easy, wholesome dinners for your family. 

Luckily I’ve pulled together this recipe roundup of full-on comforting dishes so you’ll never have another night where you or your loved ones are never left hungry or asking, “What’s for dinner?”

Finding quick, healthy dinners that your family loves is essential for a wholesome lifestyle. This recipe roundup focuses on comforting food ideas from tacos to pizza and everything in between!

What Makes An Easy Weeknight Dinner?

If you’re looking for an easy dinner idea, keep reading! We’ve got your back with these perfect recipes after work or on those busy weeknights when it seems like nothing will go right. 

It doesn’t even need much time commitment – throw something together quick and healthy (like our Turkey Dinner), then turn your attention to enjoying your time with family members instead of how long it takes to cook.

Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinners for Family

1. Mushroom Risotto

The perfect one-pot meal for those busy weeknights, this Italian mushroom risotto is rich and hearty, thanks to the addition of shallots. Arborio rice brings together all these flavors in an indulgent dish that will rival any restaurant version you’ve had before–and it’s easy enough to make at home!

This mushroom risotto is a hearty and flavorful dish that will make you forget all about your tired weeknight. With its rich flavors, this Italian comfort food can be served as either an elegant side or complete meal replacement for those busy days when cooking seems impossible!


2. Pineapple Chicken Stir-Fry

The sweet pineapple adds just enough flavor without being overly dominant. At the same time, juicy chicken breasts combine with bell pepper onion rings in an amazing creamy sauce that will have you craving another serving! Quick and easy, this dish is a must-try for any weeknight meal plan.

This easy and quick dish is perfect for those busy weeknights when you need something tasty but don’t have time to fuss with complicated recipes. The sweetness from the pineapple balances out some salty flavors from the chicken breast, bell peppers, onion & garlic, while the scallions provide freshness!


3. Pesto Pasta

This three-ingredient Italian pesto pasta recipe is a snap to make and can be on your dinner table in less than 30 minutes. You could also add some rotisserie chicken breast or chopped tomatoes for an even faster vegetarian-friendly meal! Alternatively, you can serve it with some garlic bread Forza.


4. Apple Pecan Chicken Salad

This is a delicious, elegant salad that’s perfect for dinner. The tender chicken melds with crisp pecans and tangy apples in this dish to create enough flavor without any complicated cooking required!

There’s nothing nicer than having a huge batch of fabulous apple pecan chicken salad in the fridge, ready and waiting for you. Just add some bakery muffins or breadsticks to round out your meal with something tasty! 

This recipe can easily be doubled/tripled depending on how many people come over. When summertime rolls around, I like making this dish to last me all week long without needing any extra groceries at home (it also tastes even better if made ahead).


5. Tuna Carbonara

This delicious and easy tuna carbonara recipe can be ready in about 20 minutes, from start to finish. It uses ingredients you probably have on hand, so it’s a great choice when preparing for weeknight dinners without fail! 

The dish also tastes amazing with different types of meats than what is listed here; if desired, substitute any leftover cooked meat (such as canned chicken) into the mixture before adding your eggs.

The versatility of this recipe is truly unbeatable, as you can change it up depending on what you have in your pantry. Feel free to substitute ingredients with leftover cooked tuna or even salmon if needed!


6. Lemon Pasta With Pine Nuts and Broccoli

Lemon adds a zesty twist to this pasta dish that’s sure to be perfect for any night when you’re looking to put together a quick dinner but don’t have time cooking! The flavors are rich and fresh, full of nutritional value, yet still light enough so they won’t weigh down your stomach or waistline.

This pasta dish will please any palate with its flavorful, fragrant flavors. We recommend capellini or angel hair for the best texture and bite. If that’s not available, use small shells instead! This will be an unforgettable meal no matter what type of noodles you choose. 


7. BLT Pizza

Make your next pizza night even more exciting by adding a fresh, tasty twist to this old classic. Take some time to chat with friends while cooking up an amazing slice of bacon and lettuce tomato pie in less than ten minutes!

The fresh romaine lettuce is drizzled with mayo and topped off to make a delicious pizza snack. It’s easy for you at home, but be sure not to cut it too soon before serving, or else all your hard work will go down the drain!


8. Spinach and Artichoke Stuffed Chicken Breast

The air fryer is a great way to make healthier versions of your favorite fried foods. With this appliance, you can enjoy pork chops with less fat and grease while still getting that crispy exterior! 

Pair them up nicely alongside some broccoli or brussels sprouts for an easy meal that’s sure not going to miss out on any flavor.

This creamy soup is the perfect meal on its own, or you can easily turn it into a great lunch by slicing up some leftover bits for your salad greens. The extra bits of this dish are also tasty enough that I wouldn’t mind eating them out of hand!


9. Instant Pot Carne Asada

The deliciously rich and smoky BBQ flavors are perfect for those looking to add another dish into their rotation. This recipe calls on spices like cumin oregano and ingredients such as garlic or chili powder that will help you create a mouthwatering meal without the hassle!

The Asada steak is a perfect fit for any Tuesday night dinner. It can be served in tacos or, if you’re looking to do some serious diameter-showing (friendly reminder): this means serving), plate the meat elegantly alongside roasted fingerling potatoes and chimichurri so that your guests have everything they need from their meal except maybe an excuse not to eat what’s on offer!


10. Honey Mustard Chicken Thighs

This mouthwatering chicken recipe is an easy, healthy dinner that your family will love. The sauce has a rich and tangy flavor with no added sugar, and heating it in the oven takes less than 30 minutes! 

It’s also perfect for meal prepping because you can make it ahead of time then heat through at home before serving over couscous (or brown rice), pasta…or whatever vegetables strike YOUR fancy.

This easy dinner recipe is perfect for those busy weeknights. Serve it with hot cooked couscous, brown rice, or pasta to soak up the tangy sauce and a green salad tossed in mushrooms & cherry tomatoes so you can enjoy yourself without relying on prepared foods!


11. Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin

The Instant Pot is a cooking staple in our house. It takes just minutes to cook pork tenderloin, and you can customize the recipe with alternative herbs & spices! 

The slow-release pressure system helps keep food safe while also saving you time on your dinner preparation – no more late bedtimes or waiting around for meals that you may not even do in time

It’s as easy to cook pork in the oven as you would normally do with a roast or ham. First, brown it on all sides, and then set your timer for 15 minutes before letting pressure come down naturally! 

This may sound intimidating but is simple – make sure not to touch any part of this dish until after the cooking time has passed since there are hot spots where liquids accumulate while cooking foods at high temperatures.


12. Ground Turkey Stir-Fry

Ground turkey is an excellent alternative to chicken when it’s time for dinner. This dish has all the flavors of your favorite Asian lettuce without any meat, which means you can eat to your fill!

When stir-frying, the order of ingredients should be the longest cook time first, then quicker ones with flavorings and seasonings last. It’s essential to cut up vegetables into smaller sizes so they will all finish cooking evenly and quickly too!


13. Air Fryer Pork Chops

Air frying is a great way to cook food without fat. These crisp and delicious pork chops take less than 30 minutes in an air fryer, so you can easily make side dishes on your stove or oven-free! Just dip them into some simple breadcrumbs before placing them inside for 15 more short minutes. You won’t regret giving this healthy, low-calorie dish a try any day.

The air fryer is a great way to make healthier versions of your favorite fried foods. With this appliance, you can enjoy pork chops with less fat and grease while still getting that crispy exterior! Pair them up nicely alongside some broccoli or Brussels sprouts, and you have a winner that your family won’t have enough of!

As you can see, preparing dinner doesn’t have to take hours. You can always throw together a hearty, filling meal with a few ingredients you probably have in the pantry or your fridge!


Denzel and Beryl are a food scientist powerhouse couple. They met while attending culinary school, and have been cooking and baking together ever since. They love to watch football, movies, and reality shows in their free time. They have even participated in several cooking and baking competitions globally!

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