Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it Like Ice Cream?

Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it Like Ice Cream

Can you freeze yogurt and eat it like ice cream? Yogurt is a versatile meal that can be indulged as a delicious dessert, healthy food, or a simple snack. You can even include it in numerous recipes to make incredible summer desserts. 

This post answers your most frequently asked questions about frozen yogurt and the best ways to preserve and enjoy it.

Yogurt is a delicious snack and dessert that you can enjoy in various ways. In addition to its sensational flavor and texture, yogurt provides numerous nutrients to the body. This includes calcium, potassium, B vitamins, magnesium, and phosphorus. Additionally, yogurt has a healthy calorie count that makes it great for weight loss diets. 

Yogurt is made through bacterial fermentation. Bacteria known as yogurt cultures are introduced into milk to initiate the fermentation of sugars in the milk. This produces lactic acid, which breaks down the milk proteins, giving yogurt its rich flavor and thick texture. 

The key ingredient in yogurt is milk produced by cows, goats, or sheep. You can also make it from cream-enriched milk to give it more fat and a richer flavor. Additives such as vanilla, peach, strawberry, raspberry, and many more are usually introduced to enhance the flavor. You can also add spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. 

Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it Like Ice Cream?

Yes, you can freeze yogurt at home and eat it like ice cream. In fact, most people use frozen yogurt as an alternative to ice cream as it can have the same flavor and texture as ice cream but with fewer calories and lower fat content

Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it Like Ice Cream

Different varieties of yogurts have different flavors and textures when frozen. Some varieties have the same taste as soft-serve ice cream, while others have a sweet flavor and smooth texture.

Does Freezing Yogurt Taste Like Frozen Yogurt?

No, yogurt frozen at home will not have the same taste and texture as commercially sold frozen yogurt. This is because commercially sold frozen yogurt usually has other basic ingredients (like ice cream) in addition to the live bacterial cultures

However, homemade frozen yogurt still has a rich and delicious flavor. If you want to get the familiar taste of frozen yogurt from home-frozen yogurt, simply add fat and sugar before freezing the yogurt. You can also try out some homemade frozen yogurt recipes. 

Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it While Frozen?

Yes, it is okay to freeze your yogurt and eat it while frozen. While it might not have the same texture and flavor as commercially sold frozen yogurt, it can still be served as a delicious dessert. Additionally, you can use a homemade frozen yogurt recipe to enhance the flavor and texture.

Eating frozen yogurt has health benefits. Frozen yogurt provides your body with vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Additionally, substituting ice cream with frozen yogurt can help you lose weight as frozen yogurt has less fat and calories than ice cream. 

Why Should You Not Freeze Yogurt?

You should avoid freezing yogurt as doing so destroys the structure of the yogurt. This deteriorates its flavor and texture. Thawed yogurt is usually grainy and runnier

When you freeze yogurt, the water and gel in the yogurt separate as the water crystallizes. This is what collapses the texture of the yogurt.

However, this doesn’t make frozen yogurt unsafe for consumption. It can still be enjoyed as ice cream when frozen or can be thawed and used in baking recipes. 

What Happens if You Freeze Yogurt?

When you freeze yogurt, the live bacterial cultures in the yogurt become inactive. Additionally,  the water and gel in the yogurt separate as the water crystallizes. This collapses the yogurt’s structure and deteriorates its flavor and texture. However, frozen yogurt can still be consumed as a delicious dessert or snack.

Is Frozen Yogurt as Healthy as Regular Yogurt?

Yes, frozen yogurt is just as healthy as regular yogurt. Frozen yogurt can be used as a healthier substitute for ice cream as it contains a lower fat and calorie content. This makes it suitable for weight loss diets

There are many nutrients present in frozen yogurt, depending on its variety. For example, half a cup of frozen yogurt has around 120 calories, 4 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 17 grams of sugar, 22 grams of carbs, and 150 mg of calcium (15% of the recommended daily value). 

Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it Like Ice Cream

Half a cup of fat-free frozen yogurt contains around 3 grams of protein, 110 calories, 24 grams of sugar, 0 grams of fat, 24 grams of carbs, and 100 mg of calcium. 

Half a cup of low-fat Greek yogurt contains around 100 calories, 6 grams of protein, 1 gram of fat, 14 grams of sugar, 18 grams of carbs, and 100 mg of calcium.

Note that the exact nutrient value of frozen yogurt depends on its variety and brand. Read the nutritional information provided on the yogurt package for the exact composition. 

How Long Does Yogurt Last in the Freezer?

Yogurt usually lasts for two months in the freezer. However, the yogurt is still safe to consume even after two months, but it is best to consume it within two months for the best flavor and texture. All yogurts, whether strained, plain, or swirled with fruit, full-fat, or fat-free, will lose their texture and rich flavor after two months of freezing. 

Commercially sold frozen yogurt will last about three months past its expiry date when frozen. Regular yogurt lasts ten days past its expiry date when frozen, while greek yogurt can last up to two weeks. Low-fat yogurt usually lasts an extra two weeks in the freezer.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Frozen Greek Yogurt Taste Like Ice Cream?

Yes, frozen greek yogurt usually tastes like ice cream and other traditional frozen yogurts. However, note that frozen greek yogurt does not have the creamy texture of Greek yogurt. 

Greek yogurt, unlike traditional yogurt, is usually strained to give it a creamy texture and rich flavor. Additionally, greek yogurt has more protein and lower fat and calorie content than traditional yogurt. 

Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it Like Ice Cream

Sadly, while these features set greek yogurt apart from other yogurts, the yogurt variety does not retain its creamy texture when frozen. However, it is still quite delicious. 

What Happens When You Put Greek Yogurt in the Freezer?

After you put greek yogurt in the freezer, the water molecules in the yogurt separate from the gel as the yogurt freezes; this causes the yogurt to lose its thick and creamy texture. Additionally, the yogurt develops a watery and grainy flavor due to the separation of the water from the milk. 

Even though the change in taste isn’t too obvious, most people do not like thawed greek yogurt. 

Is Frozen Yogurt a Probiotic?

Yes, frozen yogurt is a probiotic. Frozen yogurt is similar to regular yogurt because they contain live probiotic cultures. 

Probiotic cultures are good bacteria introduced in milk to initiate fermentation. This is necessary for the production of yogurt. 

Probiotic cultures include bacteria and yeast. Probiotic bacteria include bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, while probiotic yeast includes saccharomyces boulardii. 

Probiotic cultures have many health benefits. They may improve your digestive health, improve your immunity, and lower your blood pressure. The amount of probiotic bacteria in frozen yogurt varies based on the brand and variety. 

What Temperature Kills Probiotics in Yogurt?

Probiotic cultures die at 130 degrees Fahrenheit (about 54 degrees celsius). If yogurt is heated to temperatures above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, the probiotic bacteria and yeast in it will die. 

Refrigeration and freezing do not kill the probiotic bacteria and yeast present in the yogurt. The live cultures do not die from the low temperatures; they simply become dormant and inactive. Thawing the yogurt activates the bacteria again. 

Can You Freeze Yogurt and Eat it Like Ice Cream

When defrosting yogurt, thaw it in a refrigerator for about 12 hours or until completely thawed. This prevents the bacteria from multiplying rapidly and spoiling the yogurt. 

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Does Yogurt Expire?

Yes, yogurt usually expires after its best-by date. According to food experts at USDA, it is best to consume yogurt within two weeks of purchase to prevent food poisoning. 

You can make yogurt last longer by following the proper preservation measures. The most popular way to preserve yogurt is to freeze or refrigerate it. 

If refrigerated, yogurt can last up to 10 days after its expiry date, regardless of its brand or variety. 

Commercially sold frozen yogurt can last for about three months past its expiry date when frozen. Regular yogurt lasts for ten days past its expiry date when frozen, while greek yogurt can last up to two weeks. Low-fat yogurt usually lasts an extra two weeks in the freezer. 

How Can You Tell if Yogurt Has Gone Bad?

You can tell whether yogurt has gone bad if the increased liquid is in the yogurt’s package or container. A sour smell and mold growth also indicate that the yogurt has gone bad. 


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